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Cruelty Free - What does that mean exactly?

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Animal Testing and Why its the Worst

Everything you use in your everyday life from laundry soap, body care products, to cosmetics have to have been tested at some point to make sure they're safe to use. The sad fact is that a lot of these products get tested on animals, and the effects they have on the test subjects are anything but glamorous. Roughly 115 million animals a year worldwide are being exploited by research facilities and cosmetic companies. What animals are used for testing? Typically rats, monkeys, rabbits and dogs, yes.. I know even dogs. So what exactly does animal testing entail? Some examples of what goes on in these experiments includes dripping chemicals into the eyes, force feeding chemicals for weeks at a time, rubbing chemicals into shaved fur, forcing animals to breathe in toxic fumes, the list goes on and on. Oftentimes if the experiments don't kill the animal, their lives are ended by asphyxiation, decapitation or neck breaking. If you could see what goes on in these labs, you may think twice about purchasing these products.

Although many scientific breakthroughs have been the result of animal testing, testing for cosmetic reasons is completely unnecessary and not worth the horrific suffering these animals endure.

It's Unnecessary-

There's really no logical reason for animal testing.There are many other alternatives available such as a method called in vitro testing (testing done on human cells in a test tube) no animals or humans harmed. All of these new and advanced methods of testing makes animal testing a thing of the past. Studies show that animal testing only correctly predicts human reaction about 40 to 60 percent of the time, while alternatives to animal testing are accurate 80 percent of the time. It's kind of a no brainer; testing on animals is inefficient, obsolete, and just simply not


It’s Unethical-

Any way you look at it, animal testing is morally wrong.Just like humans, animals are sentient beings with thoughts and are capable of feeling a range of emotions, and they also suffer and feel pain. Animals cannot provide consent to participating in testing, and it is not our right to infringe upon their rights without consideration to their well-being and quality of life. No beauty product is worth the life of an innocent animal, period. These companies don’t want you to know what goes on behind the scenes because they know they'd be out of business. They know that there are alternatives that are much more humane and they choose animal testing because it is the more inexpensive method, which is completely unethical and cruel.

It's Unhealthy-

Not only is animal testing bad news for animals, it could be bad for you as well. Research shows that more products that test on animals contain parabens (a harmful substance that has been linked to cancer, yikes!) and harsher chemicals than that of products from brands that do not participate in animal testing. And even if these chemicals are found to be harmful to animals, they can still be sold on the market for human use. Your skin is your biggest and most vital organ, and you should care about what you put on it! Switching to cruelty free products can open your eyes to so many all- natural products that are so much healthier for you. It’s a win-win (no animals harmed, happy healthy hair and body!)

Testing on animals is just plain wrong, and in order to help put a stop to it the solution is simple; just opt for cruelty-free products instead. Don’t give the companies who test on animals your money and the demand for their products declines. Most products that don’t test on animals have a small bunny symbol somewhere on the packaging and contain words like “vegan” “cruelty free” or “not tested on animals”. Do the right thing, say NO to testing on animals. The animals, and your body, will thank you for it.

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