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All the rage? Shower Steamers


Shower steamers are an all natural combination of essential oils and magical, fizzing goodness that once immersed in water seems to zap all your problems. Next time you drag yourself out of bed at the ass crack of dawn and find yourself in need of a little extra self-love before facing office mates or in-laws this is the fix. If you find yourself needing to feel a little bit extra boujee while downing some shower wine as your kids are zombies in front of a TV we have your go-to. Simply throw one of our homemade shower steamers on the floor for the feeling of singing birds scrubbing you down and resetting your entire mood. These handy little squares will ignite into a bubbling delight of delicious smells while looking cute as can be.


1.Place your desired scent on the floor of your shower stall, bath, rainforest shower room, or on the ground when it is raining. We aren’t here to judge your bathing practices. We recommend putting it to the back of the shower or on a ledge somewhere. Directly under where you stand seems like a great way to accidentally crush your sexiest new shower toy.

2. As water splashes onto the shower steamer, the baking soda and citric acid will begin to react, causing a slight fizzing, which in turn releases essential oils into the steam. VOILA! You have aromatherapy.

If you find that you would prefer the smell to be stronger, feel free to place the shower steamer in a more direct line with the water to elicit a more potent scent.


Scent has the power to transport us. I am sure you have heard the old adage that scent is the strongest form of memory. Well, that is because of science being real. While we may not have the capacity or availability to keep ourselves in nature, that is what our bodies crave in times of stress. Even if you avoid mosquitos and tents like your life depends on it. While we are all overwhelmed with daily life and the impossibilities that are now everyday expectations in our culture, with shower steamers we have the power to calm down all the chaos in our mind. Plus, some essential oils are proven to relieve symptoms of many ailments and increase wellness. (I think it would be funny to make a comment here about the high cost of spas and how you can turn your tub/bathroom into a spa. Idk maybe?)


Per the need to relax and unwind, bath bombs made a big splash several years ago. For those of us that do not have the time to immerse ourselves in our own dirty water, we offer the handy alternative of a shower steamer. Do you have skin sensitivities? Don’t fret. With shower steamers, you don’t have to immerse your body in water, exposing yourself to harsh elements found in you regular, boring bath bombs. Save water and your skin! As an added bonus, shower steamers contain more essential oils than bath bombs typically do, so more bang for your buck. Shower steamers are also easier to use and are effortless to clean up. The price and practicality alone are worth getting excited about.


Did you know that our primary location is based in what is technically a rainforest? Every single day our batches are hand mixed for your orders and the humidity and barometric pressure has a lot to do with what our recipe looks like for that day. Since relocating to our new space in East Tennessee, we have learned the measurements to accommodate both the weather and the whispers of the resident-southern-grandma-ghost in our new facility that likes to tell us “now child, that is enough.”

By using items from the list of the ingredients below, these handy squares come into existence to make your life a little more enjoyable.

-Baking Soda & Citric Acid- the combination of these two cause the pleasant fizzing that releases the essential oils and the desired aromatherapy.

-Cornstarch- Stabilizes the volcanic fizzing from the aforementioned baking soda and citric acid and controls it (no one likes a two pump chump).

-Kaolin Clay- used as a hardener and to help make Shower Steamers shelf stable. Transportation can be a bitch. (Haha, we said hardener.)

-Fragrance Oils- that is the whole, pleasurable point. (Feel free to reference our other blog posts on aromatherapy.)

-Mica Powder- Color & Sparkle. Aesthetic is just as important as anything else, right?

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