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Small Batch - Pinky Promise

This isn’t smart marketing with a buzzword–it’s our promise. What is small batch? Small batch is a method of production in which the traditional or artisanal methods of creating a product are held intact by keeping each batch made at small scale. In other words, made to order. A typical day begins by reviewing yesterday's supply and noting the numbers and products we need to fulfill shipment for the day. That information is then given to whoever is playing alchemist for the day. Any business that makes a physical product has the option to make said product in a small batch, thus ensuring quality and authenticity. When you double any recipe, odds are it will come out just as well. However, if you decide to make a giant vat of the same recipe and multiply it by how much you love Jason Mamoa shirtless, odds are the recipe will have gone beyond maxed out and the chemical compounds will not react how they are meant to, causing the end product to possibly be shit. Quality over quantity all the time. Know your worth, cause we know you a queen (or king!) At Explicit Essentials these badass bitches hand make every item before it ships. Every time we measure out our ingredients, it’s with that tender loving care. Less preservatives. When companies decide to go balls out and mass produce a product, they can’t get away with the low key, gentle preservatives anymore. All those cases of the product require a lot more chemical additives and adjustments to prevent degradation. This is not what we aim for. Less chemicals = happier and healthier everyone. Cutting costs to create more of a profit simply is not our goal. We LOVE our relationships with our customers and we take that shit seriously. We try our damndest to maintain a steady consistency of quality. We try to maintain consistent ingredients, sourcing, quality, production process, and even attitude. We highly recommend using whatever preservatives you feel are beneficial for yourself (the office favorite is Botox between the eyes, because injecting yourself with botulism is holistic, right?), but we do not ever want you to apply more chemicals than necessary to your beautiful body. We worship your bod, and our small batch promise is all the proof you need of that. Craftsmanship

Through small batch production we have been able to maintain a higher quality product— even when we hit the top 50 sellers on ETSY. The demands of selling have never outweighed the ideals of quality that we hold near and dear. In recent years there has been a mass movement of people rediscovering a life outside of industrialization and claiming a future for small businesses. Through the enlightenment of this movement we have been able to put a focus on honing and refining our products to be a part of the badass self care routine you use daily. We can take traditions from the past and mesh them in line with the values of modernity. Fuckin right. With our big hearts, excessive attitudes, and serious work ethic we place all the quality expected of us into our manufacturing every time. This is artistry.

Written by Courtney Leavy

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