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Sticky Ass Lip Gloss

Sticky Ass Lip gloss Remember your Lip Smacker lovin’ youth? When wind was your worst enemy ‘cause it caused a love affair between your strands of crimped hair and the thicker than honey gloss coating your lips? We all did it. As it faded from popularity, I started to miss having that viscous slip‘n slide on my lips and all the sass it gave me. Now that I am perpetually balls deep in prepping the syrupy goodness that is “Dick Sucking Lips,” I was curious about what makes it so sticky. I assumed whatever made all that old school lip gloss so sticky is what gave it all that audacity. What else in the huckleberry fuck could make me feel so fly? *Before we get into the science, I highly suggest you click on this link and feel the nostalgia flow through you. ** Lip Gloss Boss ***

Explicit Essential’s Non-Sticky Ingredients:

● Fractionated Coconut Oil

● Jojoba Oil

● Vitamin E Oil

● Mica

● Flavoring

Jojoba oil has moisturizing qualities that work very well on skin. Not only is Jojoba oil well loved for being shelf stable, but it is also rich in vitamin E, vitamin B-complex, and zinc. Jojoba oil is the ideal ingredient for any skin care. Fractionated coconut oil is deeply moisturizing and less likely to clog pores than the virgin alternative. The extra vitamin E is added to encourage cell turnover and regeneration.

Our Sticky Ingredients: ● Hydrogenated Polyisobutene

This is a non-drying agent that is categorically a synthetic polymer. Polyisobutene is also used in chewing gum! It is considered immune to bacteria and moisture repellent. One of the most appealing parts of using Hydrogenated Polyisobutene is that it is considered a skin conditioner and also locks in moisture. Chemical applications are really weird. We use to resin our lips, y’all, and we made it look damn good.

How Do We Make The Iconic “Dick Sucking Lips” lip gloss? This is probably the least magical process we have in our facility. OK! But for real, when an actual adult who has careful hands makes Dick Sucking Lips, this is how:

1. Combine ingredients

2. Microwave

3. Add Mica Powder and Flavor

4. Mix

5. Microwave again

6. Mix again

7. Microwave again

8. Mix again

9. Do this about ten times

10. When the consistency is thin enough slowly spoon the mixture into our dispensing machine

11. Pump the gloss into tubes

12. Clean the outside of the tubes

13. Clean the machine (ugh so messy)

13. Label

“They say my lipgloss is cool. My lipgloss be poppin'…” - Lil Mama

Why We Still Love Gloss Everyone enjoys doing those small things that make us feel good about ourselves. We can’t all go Kylie Jenner’s and needle our lips to perfection, so we improvise. According to @sliming on Twitter “Lip gloss addiction is real y’all, I put that shit on and feel like the baddest bitch ever.” Dick Sucking Lips reflects the light giving your glossy pout volume. The luster and shine that it applies make your lips appear fuller and brighter. It is your lips time to shine, and we are here to help. Throw on your lip gloss and build that empire. We will be here to support you all the way.

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