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Support your local badasses

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world that you want.” -Anna Lappe

Small but Mighty

Let’s get statistical. Small businesses are run by people who decide to take a risk. They roll the dice and put it all on the line for something they truly love and believe in, to see their dream become a reality. By taking this risk they made the decision to impact the world around them. Every day from then on out is a constant hustle to maintain.

Here at Explicit Essentials it is pretty standard for our owner to work a 90 hour week, easy. Here are statistics we have gathered from the Small Business Administration as well as Civic Economics.

● Since 1990 big businesses have eliminated 4 million jobs

● Since 1990 small businesses have added 8 million jobs

● Small businesses account for 44% of the US’s private payroll.

● Small businesses created 65% of the net new jobs over a 17 year period. ]

● 75% of small businesses donate a portion of their profits to charity.

● Small businesses spend 48% of every purchase at another local/small business

● Chain stores spend 14% of every purchase at a local/small business Logic and fact would have us believe that supporting small business is the ethical and moral option.

You are more than welcome to help that one billionaire build another dick shaped rocket ship, or you can help us improve the lives of the movers, the makers, the hustlers, and the shakers. Small businesses that then spend more money at other small businesses creates a really positive circle of growth and change. It is very similar to a circle massage, but way less creepy.

By supporting Explicit Essentials you are contributing to the local economy in rural East Tennessee where employment, opportunity, and development are greatly needed. You are also supporting the charities that we support (listed below for your leisurely reading pleasure). You are supporting a place and causes that are close to Dolly Parton's bossom, and we all know there is no holier place.

● Women for Women International

● Change Organization

● A plethora of animal rescues

● Local children's sports teams

● Long Island Crisis Center

● The Trevor Project

● Planned Parenthood

IF each of us spent $100 more a year on local businesses instead of chain stores, it would put an extra $3 MILLION a year into our economy. Not only that, but it would create thousands of more jobs every year.

Buy Good Things From Real People.

Supporting small is supporting a hardworking person, families, and our economy. Our staff is full of driven women that are dreamers, helpers, doers, and rebels. They are mothers, farmers, wives, homesteaders, artists, chefs, bakers, and business owners themselves. When you buy from us you are buying relationships, stories, and magic. This is why our customer service is superior. We are genuinely happy to be helping you. We handle every last thing with loving care. Explicit Essentials is our dream come to life, sustained by you. In case no one has told you today, we REALLY fucking appreciate you. We respect your time and value the bond we are building with you through our outspoken products.

In a world where you can shop anywhere, shop small. Celebrate craftsmanship, loyalty, and the force of sheer will. Reward hard work. Recognize the handmade and intricate detail put into small batches. All small businesses are here to create, connect, and inspire.

How To Support:

● Follow, Comment, Like, & Share on any social media

● Tell your friends!

● Buy from them when you can

● Cheer them on

● Leave a review

● Don’t ask for a discount

● Be kind and courteous

“I am an artist. I am handmade.”

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